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Virtual Strong League (V.S.L.) 2020/21 - ENGLISH VERSION

Virtual Strong League (V.S.L.) is a competition born with the aim of creating an official circuit of online events in off-season period, but also with the aim of giving the possibility to strongman enthusiasts, agonists and not (also coming from other sports fields), to test their skills through competitive events that can take place in their training centers, gyms or HomeGym.

The competition will be made of three different trophies, with 3 events in each one that may change in the next editions.

Will be used normal gym equipments like barbells, but also some specific strongman equipments like "Log Lift" and "Atlas Stones".


-How to compete and competition modalities.

Athletes who will subscribe to V.S.L., or to one of its trophies, should read and follow the general regulation https://www.strongmanitalia.com/regolamento in all its parts if not specified in the V.S.L. regulation.

It will also be possible to register for only one of the three V.S.L. trophies. There will be a final ranking at the end of each one and at the end of all of them (final V.S.L. result).


-Weight categories.

The weight categories will be the same of the Italian Strongman Championship and they will respect the dynamics of the general regulation (paragraph 1.05 WEIGHT CATEGORIES https://46508afd-1add-4227-ac54-1a3bf7d47008.filesusr.com/ugd/e06215_35e9a328c8224aff81f1bb40f5fe3b11.pdf ).

Men weight categories: U80kg; U90kg, U105kg.

Women weight categories: U64kg; U82kg; Open.

There won't be separations between Rookie and Pro.

If one of the categories will be composed of less than 5 athletes, it will be merged with the superior one.

-How to subscribe to the competition.

The registration for each one V.S.L.'s trophy will be open individually, and it will be possible to do by completing the form in the dedicated section of the official website www.strongmanitalia.com

Registration will be opened to everyone and will not need any other membership cards.
Registration costs will be showed in the subscription's dedicated section on the official website www.strongmanitalia.com. The amount paid only and exclusively for the trophy to which you are registered, and cannot be refunded or used for other events or by other athletes.


-Convalidation events.

The events will be convalidated by videos (three each trophy); that should be filmed in the way listed below, to obtain the compliance and to be judged by official referees. If ideos will be ok, referees will count the lifts completed for the ranking.

Every athletes should send an e-mail to the specific e-mail address for each trophy (the address will be written in the registration form).

In this, there must be three videos (one each event); It can't be possible to send videos to different e-mail addresses or more than one video/measurement in the same e-mail (only one video each event, with no interruptions from the beginning to the end and without any graphic effetcs).

Videos can be sent during all the competition's period (written in the registration form) without any knd of restrictions inside it.

Videos must be sent by using "wetransfer" program (free): www.wetransfer.com .

If there will be errors while sending e-mails, only the first sent will be valid, or it will be possible for everyone to subscribe again to the competition while refilling the registration form and pay again. After that it will be possible to send again videos, but re-registration will be possible once for trophy.


The first two weeks' sent videos compliance (14th day included), will be judged before 19th day of competition. In case a video is not compliant (not judgable from the referees), the organization will send an e-mail to every athletes interested at the same time, until and not after 19th day of competition. From that moment there will be time for them till the end of the competition to send a new video of the event/s not judged (without re-registration and without paying again). If the new video sent is not compliant again, it will be a 0 points in the ranking for that event.


-Video modality.

All the videos sent must be continuous, with the equipments examination, the weighing of athlete/equipments and the execution of the event inside them.

The camera used must be positioned horizontally, to film the video in 16:9 (videos filmed vertically will be considered non-compliant).

For the purpose of the good visual outcome of the video, it is recommended to perform all shooting and lifting activities in a place with good lighting, and to use a camera/video camera with adequate resolution.


-Clothing and behavior.

Each athletes and people inside the video must respect the law of the General Regulation (paragraph 3.00 CLOTHING REGULATION DURING EVENTS). Therefore is required to wear clothing that constantly covers all the private parts, and that makes it impossible to accidentally exposure during the regular performance of the events.


It should be noted that the use of any type of clothing is however permitted (the use of Italian championship clothing is expressly recommended for the respective weight categories, in order to make immediate identification for the public who will follow the publication of the results), as long as there are no brands of any kind that are in conflict with the partners of the Italian strongman championship and the V.S.L. competition.

If there are evident brands or similar of companies competing with the partners of V.S.L. on t-shirt, competition equipments (including discs, platforms and any other equipments) or in the background, the video will be deemed non-compliant and therefore not judged.

To avoid this kind of problems, it is advisable to obscure the aforementioned marks with simple adhesive tape.

Exceptions are personal equipment, such as: belts, shoes, socks, cuffs, trousers, hats, grip bands or various and any, that are part of the athlete's competition clothing.

Each athlete and any other person present in the video is required to comply with the regulations contained in the General Regulations in paragraph: 4.00. SPORTS CODE OF ETHICS. Therefore any offensive and abusive behavior will make the video non-compliant and therefore not judged.



-Athlete weighing.

The athlete must have a normal weight scale positioned on a rigid homogeneous surface (no tiles, no rubber panels). Before weighing the equipment/body weight a 5, 10, 20 or 25kg disc must be weighed to validate the correct functioning of the scale itself.

From this moment on, the weighing operations of both the athlete and non-conventional equipments (Log, Axle / Fat Bar, Atlas, etc.) can be carried out.

Each weighing must be clearly visible and clear while filming.

The rules to be respected for the weight categories must be those expressed in paragraph 1.05 of the General Regulations of Strongman Italia.

This operation must be done for each individual event of the trophy, even if the athlete chooses to perform in one or more than one days.


-Weighing/measuring equipment–How to show the weights.

After athlete's weighing, non-standard equipments must be measured and weighed (Log, Axle/Fat Bar, Atlas, etc.), the canonical equipment will have to be in certain standards required, according to the event.

The weight scale used for weighing the athlete, must always be visible inside the video even during this part.

Measurements can be made with metal tape meters and with a flexible tape measure (tailor's meter) for what concerns the diameters/circumferences of Atlas and Log Lift.


The standards to be shown on the video of the competition equipment are the following:

- Log :

  • Fuselage's length: from 120 to 180cm.

  • Total length: 170-250cm.

  • Diameter/circumference fuselage: 323mm (32cm) / 105cm.

  • Handle axis distance.: 60cm.

  • Weight: must be identified by weighing.

  • Avaiable discs: metal and rubberized discs without any diameter's restrictions. 

  • Maximum fuselage's height from the ground at the start: 30cm.


- Axle/Fat Bar :

  • Length: from 150 to 250cm.

  • Diameter: from 48 to 50mm.

  • Weight: must be identified by weighing.

  • Avaiable discs: metal and rubberized discs.

  • Avaiable diameter discs: 45cm and consequent distance of the barbell from the ground.

  • There must be no elevations under the discs, which must start from the same level as the athlete.


- Barbell :

  • Diameter: (shown on the top of the barbell) 28-29-30-32mm.

  • Weight: (Shown on the top of the barbell) 20kg.

  • Avaiable discs: Metal for the deadlift events (permitted 1 rubberized disc each side); rubberized or metal for the press events.

  •  Diameter discs avaiable: 45cm and consequent distance of the barbell from the ground; It's permitted to use discs' diameter.  It is allowed to use discs with a smaller diameter as long as the first and last are 45cm in diameter.

  • There must be no elevations under the discs, which must start from the same level as the athlete.


- Atlas Stone :

  • Diameter/Circumference (with a margin of error that will be considered): 40cm/125,6cm; 50cm/157cm

  • Weight: must be identified by weighing.

  • There must be no elevations under the stones, which must start from the same level as the athlete.

  • Distance of the top of the support/bar from the ground: 130cm.


- Deadlift supports :

  • Thikness with 45cm discs:15-15,5cm

  • Height of the barbell axis from the ground: 37,5-38cm


-During the loading of the events, all the discs (with their nomenclature) that will be used for the barbells' and non-standard equipments' loading, must be clearly shown to the camera.

Whenever someone will use handcrafted discs, they must be weighed and measured one by one before loading on the barbell.

-It will be possible to show in detail even only one side of the disc loading, then showing the mirror image of the opposite side once the evet is loaded; the discs used must be symmetrical in their respective types.


-Events execution.

Camera must be positioned frontally at 55°-70° about the athlete, the normal biomechanical positioning standards for the validation of the lifts must be respected, with a stable final position (of the athlete) that can irrefutably decree the validity of the same.

Any reps incomplete, incorrect or too fast closing, will not be considered in the final result of the event.

Also in this case it is strongly recommended to have a good video resolution and adequate lighting to let the examination of the results be simple and positive.


-Final results.

Two weeks after the end of the competition (technical time for referee evaluation and video editing), the video of each of the 3 events of the competition will be uploaded on the official Youtube channel "Strongman Italia TV", in which all the compliant videos received will be present (only the execution part of the event), and the final results of the 3 events will be communicated using graphics.

In this way, spectators and athltes will be able to follow the event as if it were a real live competition. It will therefore be necessary to subscribe to the Youtube channel "Strongman Italia TV" to be informed when the results will be published.

Three weeks after the end of the race, the results will be published also on the official website www.strongmanitalia.com.